Disney’s Club Penguin is the internet’s most safe, secure, fast growing, on-line worlds for children. This is a free, family fun site, however for every subscription bought it allows you more additional features and the proceeds go  out to help make the world a better place for children and families across the world to live.

Free the Children has many partners involved with helping their organization reach its primary goal. Children helping children through education is the motto they live and strive by. They have built over 500 schools across the globe and gave over 500000 kids the chance to get an education because every child has the right to learn to read and write. Everyone can get involved in the simplest ways. Even you. To learn more please follow the link provided. http://www.freethechildren.com/getinvolved/

Where Club Penguin is Helping  

Club Penguin is Helping on over 34 countries across the world. They are partnered with many other recognizable charities and organizations because they believe that without the help of others they wouldn’t be able to reach the goals creating safe places, protecting the earth, and providing medical help across the globe because these things are not a privilege but a right. They believes that everyone is entitled to education and hope for a bright future. This is why they are a global community. To Club Penguin they say the meaning behind a global community is giving back and that exactly what they are set out to do.

In December between the 11th and the 21st Club Penguin encourages the players to donate the coins they earn playing the virtual game of Club penguin to 3 worthy causes; Kids who are poor, Kids who are sick, and the environment. Many of the kids that play this game showed their support by throwing fundraiser igloo parties in the virtual world. The smallest of things can help. By the end about 4 billion coins have been donated. A pol was taken on how 1 million dollars should be divided evenly between Kids who are sick, Kids who are poor, and the Environment. It was tallied that it was pretty even. This was a great success. http://www.clubpenguin.com/parents/coins-for-change-2009.htm 

Club Penguin was made public on October 4th, 2005. Within a short 2 years it had over 3.9 million users. The amount of user had given the site an even bigger advantage to get people involved in the world. By the time Disney bought out Club Penguin it had about 12 million users and about 700 000 paying subscribers that brought in about about 40 million dollars of revenue annually. This money needed to go somewhere in the world so why not put it to good use?

Club Penguin got involved because Disney believes that everyone across the world deserve a life of ease and a brighter future. They are involved in many other projects across the globe along with Free the Children. Please take a few minute to see what they have done to make a difference and how they helped many families and children. The link below will show you the way. http://www.clubpenguin.com/global-citizenship/

I will be holding a Free the Children Fundraiser on June 26th. I’m sure it will be tons of fun and something everyone will enjoy. The Free the Children Bottle Drive should be a great success and it can get many involved. This will take place at the Sturgeon Lake Camp ground about 15 km away from Valleyview on HWY 43. Its easy to get involved and give up a little time to help a good cause. Now its your turn.

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Hanna Peterson- Miss Teen Northwest Alberta

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