I know I havent updated in awhile but the truth is, I havent had inspiration to. I know its an easy thing to do once and awhile and I can probably do it all the time. 

As entering Gr.11 has had its challenges adjusting to the real world, I have been learning to cope. Now that Im 16, I have to realize Im 16, not turning 25. As my dad told me, ” you still have a lot of growin- up to do before you actually grow- up.” I made mistakes, I may or may not have learned from them, but atleast Im having experinces you’re supposed to have when you’re young and stupid; so Im told…  Right now I sit at my computer thinking. Thinking about how my life is going to have its ups and downs, when and where Ill be going to school in a short 2 years, and what I am going to be when I grow- up. Yes, I still ask myself that question sometimes!

=). Because you deserve to!

Im not in gymnastics this year, but I am definitly excited for curling to start up this winter. I cant wait! When I am on the sheets of ice I feel invincable. I do get frustrated but the stress and time needed to get good, is worth it. My goal this year is get as good as my ablities will let me in this sport. Curling in my community and in my family is a hobbie that many of us are involved in. The Redwillow Curling Club is the place where we play games and practice. To be honest I was never really interested in it until the last couple years. I was a sub for my mom and Auntie Roxanne’s team from time to time. These 2 ladies were the ones who really introduced me to curling. They have been involved in our club for many, many years. They were my teachers and I know they still have much more to help me with. Last year I was on the school’s mixed curling team. My team mates were awesome and easy to get along with. I never really knew who they were untill we were put on a team togther. It was a great learning experience, thats for sure.

This year in school, Im still attending at Hillside Junior/Senior High School. The classes I have this semester are chemistry20, biology20, and math20-1. Im not at student that excels in everything I do but I defintitly giver a good effort. Friends are very important to me and to everyone Id assume. My bestfriends since Ive entered this school in Gr.7 are Arianna, Haylee, and Shannaya. These ladies have been there for me whenever I need them the most. Like every group of girls there was a little bit of drama, but that wasnt enough to break us up. When I look down the hallways at school, I can probably name everyone that walks by. We fianlly hit 400 students!

Im perfectly happy with my life right now. Nothing could make it more perfect! I have my family, my friends, and even the people who come and go still have a positive impact on my life because everything is a learning experience. Most of the time Im a pretty easy going, fun, loving person, even at the most stressful of times. Im not the richest, most athletic, prettiest, or smartest girl in my school, but from where I look at it Ive achieved so much, I have to give myself credit for being the only person I want to be. And that person is me. =)

This is a little taste of what Ive been up to


Hanna Peterson

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  1. Nyssa says:

    Well, how very interesting. Come a long way since I saw you last, or so you seem to have. I hope being stuck in a small town hasn’t given you a small sight! Good luck 😉

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