I’ve been thinking, if i was a tv show host what would my show be called, about, and who would watch it. I concluded that  I would be the host of a hit TV show called Teen Trivia. This show would consist of me going out across the world and getting fashion, health, make-up, and relationship advice from one area of the world and compare it to another. This show will share advice which allows everyone learn, use , and try new techniques. Yes, looks aren’t everything but everyone cares so why not embrace them?

On my first journey I plan to travel to France and find out the secrets many teens use to stay fit, healthy, fresh faced, and how to keep it real. I will be filmed by a local Canadian Broadcasting Company that will air my show internationally. I will hold auditions for a co-host that will also be a teen that has a good attitude and is a person people everywhere can look up to. We will travel together and pretty much become family.

Cost is a major factor in this event. This is why I’m hoping the major beauty and fashion companies would like to sponsor this show. Marc Jacobs and Rimmel London are very committed and dedicated groups that love to show how inner a beauty doesn’t only show through your personally but in the way one puts themselves together. This would not only be a great opportunity for me but for them also. They wou,d get tons of advertising and we really believen what these two companies stand for; Inner and outer beauty. I know many people think looks don’t matter but everyone cares so yet again I ask why not embrace it!

Rimmel London

As many of you readers know Rimmel is a company famous world wide for their production in make-up and beauty products including nail polish, false nails, make-up etc. They are also a very proud sponsor for Miss Teen Canada- World. I use the Rimmel eye products on a day-to-day basis.

Rimmel- http://www.rimmellondon.com

Marc Jacobs 

This clothing and accessories line is recognized across the world!! I believe it would be such and honor for them to sponsor this amazing organization. His clothing are not “just” clothes they’re personality. He also has a collection of perfume out.  This is the perfect type of company we can work around and help establish easily. Not only does this give them a great promoting option but also us the chance to build a name and reputation as  new show!!!

Me with Marc Jacob perfume =)

Yours truely,
Hanna Peterson =)
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