I not only have one home town but two; the community of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation and the town of Valleyview, Alberta. These two places are about 20 km apart. I live on the reserve of Sturgeon Lake but I have done all my schooling in Valleyview at Oscar Adolphson Primary (K-3), Harry Gray elementary (4-6), and the school I’m currently in Hillside JR/SR High School (7-12).

OAP! My very first school =)

I have gone to school with many of my fellow class mate to this day from OAP all the way up to HSH. We are a very close school where you know and see everyone on a daily basis. In two more years of schooling I hope to graduate with all the people I’ve gone to school with since Kindergarten.

Valleyview was first established in 1916 but it was originally called Red Willow until realized that the name Red Willow was already used for another settlement. In the 1950’s oil was struck in the area. This caused the increase of population and services. Valleyview has a population of approximately 2000 people. When you grow up in a small town and community you know and remember a lot of the people you meet, whether it be through school or community events, it’s very beneficial on my hope to become Miss Teen Canada- World.

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

Beautiful Sturgeon Lake on a rainy day.

Sturgeon Lake has been around for many years. It was known as a meeting place for people to come and rest, meet new people and trade their goods at the Hudson’s Bay trading post located in Sturgeon. Many generations of my family have been traced back for over 100 years . Many of my ancestors from my mother’s side come from Sturgeon Lake. We are a very close community. You know everyone which makes the unity of the community even stronger aside from shared culture, religion and way of life. Over the years I have become closer to my community and family. My favorite parts about sitting at my grandma’s (kookum) house was listening to her, my grandpa (moosum), and other elders tell stories about the ways things were when they were my age. Some of the stories are rather funny and some where the ones that makes a person think about how privilged we are in today’s society compared to back then. This really made me think about who I really am, and who I’m really set out to be. I had gone to church one day with my kookum (grandma) and one of the other elders came up to me and told me how proud she was of me for representing our community and actually getting out in the world to make a difference. I was amazed on how this opportunity of going to Toronto for the MTC-W pageant has impacted me in the eyes of my community and I realized, I’m not only doing this for me, but for my community.

In Valleyview and sturgeon Lake we don’t have much  of a varity of “cool” hang out spots. We don’t have any arcades or anything like that so we all tend to just hang out at our homes or chill in the back yard with friends and have good time. My favorite times are hanging out with my best friends and going down to the river, swimming and just having fun with the good company. Since I live right near the Sturgeon Lake us as a family love to take the boat out and go for a good day of fishing.

The Boat

There are many things in Valleyview that many people in our community come and socialize and have a good time with the peoples of the town. We have an annual Fair that comes to town for 2 days each which is sponsored by the Valleyview Chamber of Commerce which also is sponsoring me for my Toronto trip. They have held many events from BBQ’s to the streets preforms. Also the town council is very involved in getting people to get more out in their community.

Tourist info Booth!

The 25th anniversary of our tourist information booth was one of the ones a previously volunteered at. I met tons of new people. It is said that our tourist information booth is the 2nd busiest in Alberta!  How awesome is that.

What my Valleyview Has to Offer-    Valleyview has many things for anyone to do, visitors or even the people who’ve lived here their whole life,like me. Some of the activities are swimming in our newly renovated outdoor pool and skating in our hockey rink. Baseball, Soccer and swim club are also provided for today’s youth. Curling, one of the sports I play, is a major thing in Valleyview. During the winter months the Red willow Curling Club holds many curling leagues including the men’s, ladies, mixed, and juniors. They also have a Thursday nights fun league for anyone to come out and try.

Main Street

Now that you gotta taste of my home communities I really hope you all consider supporting me to the top towards my dream on becoming Miss Teen Canada- World! A small town like this makes it even more difficult to become involved in the modeling and acting industries, so with this opportunity of a life time I hope to come out into the world and become the best possible person I can be!
Your Friend,
Hanna Peterson- Miss Teen Northwest Alberta
Please feel free to give me some feed back on my blog and give me your insight. Your opinions counts!
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  1. Hoping Indian says:

    Many a pageant contestants originate from South America, as there us much money fused into contestants there. Could there be a North America contestant other than the Metis girl from High Prairie who made it to the finals? Hoping Indian

    • missteennorthwestalberta says:

      I am a aboriginal from sturgeon lake, alberta canada thats in North America =) And yes I’m Native!!!!

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