My platform was raising awarness on the effects media has on todays REAL society but this thought has completely changed over the last few months. In my community we have had multiple deaths involving motor vehicle accidents. 4 young men have passed away from my school alone within the year of 2011 and there is only about 400 students in our school. If this wasnt a statistic proven right about every 1 in 100 teens dying in vehicle accidents, I dont know what is!

This last Friday there was a fatal accident involving 5 young amazing teen age boys whom all went to the Grande Prairie Compoiste High School. The only survivor from the crash was my good friend Zachary Judd who I’ve known for many years.  He is currently at the U of A hospital being looked after by the best doctors available. He is one strong young man and will alway be in my prayers till he is better. He’s a figher and he will continue to fight on. I didnt know the 4 boys who passed away  but I give out my heart and prayers to their families and friends who are affected. Its not my place to say further details on the accident or on the conditons of Zach.

Drinking and driving was a major factor in many of the accidents in the Peace Country Region. This has torn apart many families and will continue to if this terrible trend keeps on happening. I beg you for the ones who read my blog be an aware, defensive, smart, and alert driver and never have drink before going behind the wheel or getting in with a drunk driver. You’ll regret it and thats a promise.

R.I.P – Dean  Chowace, Cameron Goodswimmer, Brandon Moses, Matthew Kiywasew. These were the young men  who lost there lives at my school. I also give my condolences to the families of the 4 young boys who lost there lives in Grande Praire.

We love you Zachary and I really hope you make it through this. <3.

I am trying to make awarness on the issue of recklace and drunk driving. With the amount of loss in my community and surrounding areas  due to vehicle accident, I want to take a stand and put it out there that this is a serious issue and and it can be prenvented in all cirrcumstances. My family was affected and I know how it is to see so much pain come from this that it really hurts my heart. So please make it clear to make the right desicions when driving cause it can save lives.

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  1. Haylee Peterson says:

    I am so glad Zach made it . My heart goes out to all of the young men who lost their lives . I would also like to point out seat belt do indeed save lives . Stay strong Zachary !

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